Multimedia discussions about #hcsm

At the recent STFM annual meeting, the organization took its first steps into exploring social media for communication with (and between) members, and the topic of healthcare communication and social media (#hcsm).  Dr. Mike Sevilla (@DrMikeSevilla on Twitter) generously shared his multimedia expertise to advance the discussion of the value of social media (SocMed) tools for communication in health care.  Mike hosted me on his podcast, and he helped the STFM stream and record my presentation on #hcsm–you can read his thoughts on his blog.

Mike’s podcast where I was the guest can be heard at the link below.  We had some technical difficulties, but the final result turned out nicely:

Click hear to listen to the podcast.

The Ustream video of my talk with Ben Miller (@miller7 on Twitter) is available here:

The video is a little bumpy because Mike had to bring his own gear, and we didn’t have great lighting.  But I thank him for making this possible at all.

The slides Ben and I used are below.  They are similar to those used in similar talks, but reflect an effort to make the presentation more effective.

Mike and Dr. Deb Clements (@KanFamDoc) gave their own social media talk at STFM.  The video for their talk is here:

In this case, I am solely to blame for the shaky camera work.

Thanks to Mike for making all this possible, to STFM for giving us the opportunity, and to all the new friends I made within the physician #HCSM community.

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