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Carmen R. Gonzalez (@crgonzalez) is a full-time manager on behalf of a clinical trials patient recruitment company devoted to assisting pharmaceutical firms in their drug research efforts. Her many responsibilities include coaching clinical sites on how to harness social media for research study subject enrollment aims. She is interested in promoting the use of this new technology while advancing patient-oriented goals.

Mark Ryan (@richmonddoc) is a family medicine doctor who works and teaches at an academic medical center.  His clinical practice focuses on medically underserved communities, and he teaches medical students both in Richmond and overseas.  He is interested in leveraging social media technology to provide better clinical care and better communication with patients, as well as a more efficient way to communicate medical information to the community.

Mark Dimor (@MarksPhone) has been producing medical education programs and activities since 1993. His interests focus on how adults (HC consumers) learn generally, how physicians learn in clinical practice and how to overcome the constraints on learning that exist within the day-to-day practice of medicine. Social Media is a tool that can aid in physician learning as it relates to patients in their clinical practice and help improve outcomes.

A quick comment about the power of social media: the three contributors listed here have not yet (January 2011) met in person, and did not speak by telephone until well after the blog was launched.  This suggests the value of social media connections in forming strong and productive partnerships, and speaks to the power of social media in healthcare communications.

4 Responses to Contributor Information

  1. Thanks to all of you for writing on these topics and not letting the ephemeral nature of Twitter tempt us with the next ‘shiny object’ that comes along in our tweet stream.

    • carmen2u says:

      Mark Richmond, Mark Dimor and myself hope that we can tease out the wisdom and consensus from HCSM group on all the health care-related topics we cover. In addition, we really want to steer the advent of evolving health care systems to incorporate the best of what web 2.0 offers into a modern health care model.

  2. If I can’t make it to a HCSM chat, I know I can rely on finding a complete, readable and thoughtful synopsis here. Grateful for that!

    • carmen2u says:

      Golly, Meredith, that’s so nice of you to say! You’re welcome. I don’t want to lose the gems of insight we get from the whole HCSM group. Somehow, I feel the HCSM transcript doesn’t quite do enough for folks who weren’t there. With all these Twitter chats, I am always looking for a scout to give me a sense of what just happened, so I am glad you find this valuable.

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