No promises, but…

September 7, 2015

As I try to work back on getting my own blog up and running–hopefully with useful/interesting stuff–I have not lost track of this poor, lonely website. I will try and update here when I can, though it is a bit of a lesser priority.

I wanted to post this update here because there are a few things in the works that might allow me to re-engage more reliably here:

  1. I have met a researcher who is interested in assessing the use and impact of social media in healthcare. Having another more-experienced and active perspective may allow this site to gather a bit more steam–either because I will be more regularly engaged in these conversations, and/or because maybe I can convince her to write, some, too.
  2. I am part of a team finishing analysis and review of an AHRQ-funded project to leverage social media as a way to encourage physician use of non-branded, evidence-based CME.
  3. There is a developing project to look at how to actively leverage and use social media at the practice level to help engage patients, and look for any meaningful changes in patient’s health status, empowerment, etc.

So: no promises, but hopefully there will be more life here heading forward.

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